Capital Infusion : A Growth Strategy that Counts

Does your technology business innovate or disrupt the world with an Environmentally or Socially Impactful business model? Are you forecasting profitable revenue? Do you need an advisory commercial partner along with investment capital, to help you expand to new markets, without compromising your ethical commitment to a triple bottom line?

RedPepper Mergers are global specialists at structuring ESGTech companies to grow their revenue. We raise Responsible Capital for product development, sales expansion and for Mergers and Acquisitions. You bring the minimum viable product and initial revenue : we will bring the Investor Ready Sales Magic.

“RedPepper Mergers showed us how implementing our business dreams can change the world for the better.  Our business dreams became a tangible sales reality”


“If you want to understand how a globally aligned ecosystem of Impact Investment specialists can grow your ESGTech start-up, speak to these skilled veterans”

Our Clients

Client Markets' Expansion
Low Cost Services Provision
Client Market’s Expansion
Client Market’s Expansion
Low Cost Services Provision Icons
Low Cost Services Provision

Our Team

  • August Fern US Expansion Strategist
  • Ryan Wilder
    Ryan Wilder Brand Strategist
  • Joanne Nixon
    Joanne Nixon Investee Portfolio Director
  • Bjarne Viken
    Bjarne Viken Online Digital Revenue
  • Nathan Dale Green Pepper Environmental

Our Team

Ecosystem Strategic Delivery Partners

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